10 March 2013

Black and White

Perhaps the most famous examples of animals being used in literature to make a political point is Orwell’s Animal Farm – but there are many others in this tradition of political allegory too which goes back all the way to Plato.  Joining them is Black and White, a stunning visual metaphor on segregation – which doesn’t have quite the ending you might expect but it is certainly in the sub-genre’s dystopic tradition.  A young badger attempts to get to a political meeting hosted by a pacifist black bear. Yet forces are afoot which will change their world forever...

Black and White (Noir et Blanc) was created at Supinfocom by Alexandre  Cuegniet, Estelle Charleroy, Benjamin Corbel, Nicolas Crevon, Laura Paiardini and Paul Serrell. It was created with the Autodesk Maya and The Bakery Relight.