2 March 2013

850 Meters - Complete and Ready for the Circuit

850 Meters is a 14-minute, animated epic comedy – a Belgian production by Thuristar in coproduction with Lunanime, produced by a very small and passionate team over a period of almost four years  – and is now coming to festivals and on TV in 2013.

It tells the story of Roger Flambe a knight on a mission – one that he is willing to go all the way (well, 850 meters) for. The animated short follows his misadventures as he attempts to find the invincible sword, slay the enormous dragon and rescue the princess.  Well, that’s what knights do in fairy tales, isn’t it!?

The movie was produced almost entirely single-handedly by Joeri Christiaen who no doubt is now undertaking therapy to help him get over both the massive undertaking and the fact that the production is now finished.

So, here is the trailer – yes, I know I promised no more trailers but this is a project which pre-date my undertaking not to tease you with movies that have to do the festival circuit and won’t be available online for a year!  I am looking forward to seeing the movie in its entirety and sharing the joy when the awards start to pile up!