10 March 2013

Everything Broken

Do you feel that technology is changing the way you live your life?  Certainly I know a number of people who have major concerns about how social media is growing and how experiences and relationships may be being usurped by an obsession with the number of friends people have on Facebook or how many followers on Twitter.

I had high hopes for social media – that it would be a companion to real life rather than a replacement.  Yet for increasing numbers of people it is becoming something akin to an addiction and its pursuit an auxiliary to the real interactions of daily life.

This double-edged dagger is shown in Everything Broken, a visual metaphor written, directed and edited by Basil Iskandrain and featuring himself and Kimberly Ann Cook (above).  Whether or not you agree with his position – that the hollow fulfillment of social media is never an adequate substitute to our real-life experiences – is, of course, your prerogative.  Without any irony whatsoever (ahem) I look forward to reading your opinion via your Facebook comments and tweets!