1 May 2022

Haunted Walls: The Abandoned Zagórz Monsastery, Poland

A little way outside the Polish town of Zagórz lie the ruins of a Carmelite monastery which is located on a picturesque hill surrounded on three sides by the river Oslawa.  The monastery was built in around 1739 from local sandstone but only thirty three years later it was burned to the ground.  It was rebuilt but it never regained anything like its former glory.  Another fire in 1822 destroyed the roof and the Carmelites finally gave up, baulking at the expense of rebuilding yet again.

So, the monastery went to ruin – but how magnificent it still looks in this timelapse, which was created during a workshop mentored by Patryk Kizny with support from Robert Paluch of Timelapse Academy.  If you live in Poland and would, after seeing this amazing piece, like to learn more about time-lapse photography then why not visit their website.