30 May 2022

The Beatles - Animated History of a Rock Band

If you are a fan of The Beatles then you will absolutely adore this – guaranteed. As a standalone piece of animation it gives us a glimpse in to the career of (possibly) the best rock band in history. We see stylised versions of Liverpool, London and New York as the Fab Four take us on a Magical Mystery Tour all of their own.

In fact, this was almost inspirational piece of animation was created by Pete Candeland of Passion Pictures. It was used for the intro of The Beatles: Rock Band game, which was launched in September 2009. I have absolutely no idea how the game fared in the marketplace but if it was a complete flop then it was worth it just for these 2:36 of complete bliss. This animation works wonderfully well independent of the game.

Hard Day’s Night, Paperback Writer, Here Comes The Sun and I Am The Walrus all feature in this wonderful animated medley. It's just a joy to watch!

Here is the shorter but equally lovely outro.