21 May 2022

Today Only

Today Only tells the story of the day in a life of a London street from the perspective of its inhabitants, particularly a cat (known by different names to those he visits) who wreaks havoc pretty much everywhere he goes. It is very cleverly done – if it was not animated you would say it was done in a single take. However, it is animated but you get the idea nonetheless.

It was directed by Toby Jackman, written by Mahalia Rimmer and produced Alexander Ronnberg. As such it was Toby Jackman’s graduation film from the NFTS. That acronym stands for National Film and Television School which was established in 1971. It is based at Beaconsfield Studios in, Buckinghamshire in the UK, and it is located close to Pinewood Studios where many films including a number of the Bond franchise were made.

This is really an amazing piece of work – if this is an example of what Jackman and his team can do for their graduation work it only makes you wonder quite what they will create when they are being paid (or rather budgeted) to do this sort of thing. Huge congratulations to all involved!