1 May 2022

Free Pie

Many people have had the knock on their door which changes their life.  For the musician protagonist of this short film written, directed and edited by Caleb Slain, his visitor (up to you to decide just how supernatural he is) brings some bad news. But he also brings free pie.

Free Pie is a traumatic comedy about life, death, pie and death. If your sense of humor veers a little towards the dark side, you love fast and snappy dialogue and appreciate the skilful editing which should go with, then you are going to love this – or at the very least like it a lot.

Although it reminds me of none, I could easily imagine Roald Dahl coming up with this as one of his Tales of the Unexpected.  Hats off to Caleb Slain for an ingenious piece of story telling. Now, could somebody pass me the pie, please?