26 January 2013

Voice Over

This is probably going to be (just about) the best short film you will see this year so if you have any prejudice against watching subtitled movies, suspend it for just under 10 minutes: I promise you this will be a worthwhile experience.

Voice Over has just that – a voice over and perhaps this is another prejudice you may have to overcome too. Yet it is the voice over which drives the action, changes the movie’s direction and brings it to its very, very satisfying conclusion.

I won’t give too much away except the movie poster, enigmatic as it is, does not really indicate the true content or denouement of the movie. You really, really need to watch this – I cannot too highly recommend this.

Unsurprisingly, this short, directed by Martin Rosete, has received over 40 awards and has been selected to appear at over 80 film festivals all over the world. It is a Kamel Films production.