7 January 2013


Seven, as you know is the natural number following six and preceding eight.  It’s a number you have to love.  Shakespeare waxed lyrical about the seven ages of man in As You Like It, and A Clockwork Orange’s three parts each has seven chapters.  In the Potter universe it is considered the most magical number and Septimus Heap was the seventh son of a seventh son.  It is also the original diameter in inches of the 45rpm format gramophone record. Face it, seven is a great number.

So, take in the world of seven in this experimental short by animator, motionographer and designer Ginz.  The tracking was done with Boujou, and 7 was shot with Canon sx30is at random places in New York (wouldn’t it be great if the city had seven, rather than five points?).  The music is The Return of the Seven by The Herbaliser.