19 January 2013

Cadaver: A Bittersweet Love Story

I’ll cut the chat, remove the blather,
Here’s the story of an old cadaver
Awoken by a hapless pair
He knows he has to get to where
His wife of years still mourns his life’s cessation.
And to that point he’ll cross the nation.
There he discovers a truth quite toxic
And America reclaims the gothic

OK, so my rhyming is missing something (and don’t tell me what please, I know already: talent).

However, you should take a little time out to watch Jonah Ansell’s Cadaver which rhymes perfectly all the way through.  What’s more it features the vocal talents of Christopher Lloyd, Tavi Gevinson and Kathy Bates with music by Neil Young and The Pet Shop Boys. 

Don’t be put off by what sounds like somewhat macabre content.  That much is true but this cinematic poem has love at its heart.

The film was (unsurprisingly) shortlisted for an Academy Award and has now also been made in to a book which is released on February 1.