12 January 2013

The Underwater Realm

This is something quite incredible.   The Underwater Realm has been funded by people from all over the world and created by a team of volunteers.  As you may have guessed – yes – it tells the story of Atlantis, or at least its inhabitants.

The movie is split in to five separate timezones and I am very pleased to feature all of them on Kuriositas.

Part I is set in the present day where a couple are spending their time on a thrilling diving vacation,  They are both experts but this will be the most challenging dive of their lives.

During their time underwater they come across something they had not bargained for...

The second part pulls back in time to 1942 when the Second World War is raging above the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.  In fact, each episode features one of 'our' encounters with the Atlanteans over a time period spanning over two thousand years and each part adds a new layer to the story, a greater depth (get it) of understanding.

Yet, as you will see, much remains enigmatic at the end – because what we see here is hopefully just the beginning.

From a battle over the sea we go back to 1588 for Part III and a battle upon it. Directed by David M Reynolds and produced by Jonathan Dupont the entire project was funded by Kickstarter.

Now, Reynolds, Dupont and their associates have released the five parts of The Underwater Realm they would like to progress further forwards again.

Thence to 1208 - a generation after the Norman conquest of England and passions run high both above and below the waves.

These five parts were designed to provoke audience reaction and inspire an interest in cinema under the sea.

Their goal now is to make a trilogy of full feature films around the mysterious inhabitants of Atlantis.

So if you are a big Hollywood executive and you’re reading this, then contact the makers and get moving!!

The fifth and final part is perhaps the most enigmatic.  Set in 149 BC we are, perhaps, working towarss rge origins of this mysterious sub-aquatic dominion.

I do hope you were as enthralled by The Underwater Realm as I was.  Even if the trilogy of movies never get made (and they really, really should!) this is probably one of the best cinematic experiences I will have in 2013.

If so, take a visit to the official website to learn much, much more about the making of the five parts,