7 January 2013

Dum Spiro

A hapless Roman legionary is given a task by Caesar – to take an important message to the leader of the barbarian tribes.  The message is so vital it could bring the war to an end.  Yet the unfortunate messenger must get to the chieftain’s camp – and in order to get there he has to go through the territory of a very pernickety bear.

Inspired by the whack ‘em, chase ‘em, whack ‘em tradition of the golden age of Hollywood animation, Dum Spiro (Latin for as long as I breathe and usually with spero, I hope at the end) is a film created by five students at ESMA, Boris Caillly, Brieuc Guenole, Jean-Baptiste Hardion, Thomas Lemoine and Sébastien Wackowiez.