14 November 2012

NFN Kalyan – Nature of the Beast 5 and 6 - Kardashian and Mandela

Over the last year Kuriositas has featured Miami based artist NFN Kalyan’s ongoing project, Nature of the Beast. He has now released the 5th and 6th installments in the series – Kim and Nelson, two very disparate souls, it has to be said!

Kim Kardashian looks stunning in starphire glass, especially when you consider that there are 20 pieces making up the piece.  Resting on a walnut base which also houses the lights, Kim weighs in at an impressive 200 pounds – way more than she weighs in real life I imagine.

Yet my favorite of the series so far has to be the wonderful rendition of Nelson Mandela. The series is essentially an entreaty to the audience to reserve judgement on individuals, whatever walk of life they come from.  After all, our own views of these people are fundamentally an illusion yet we either raise them up or attempt to knock them down according to what is essentially a reflection on and of ourselves.

So, Kim and Nelson may seem a strange match but that’s the point!  If you think these pieces are as wonderful as I do, then pay a visit to NFN Kalyan’s website.  Alternatively (or even additionally) get over to his Facebook page where Kalyan regularly uploads pictures and news of works in progress.