11 November 2012

Daisy Cutter

Zaira is a ten year old Iraqi girl with the misfortune of having been born in a time of war.  She goes to school but each day she is reminded of the loss of a friend by his empty desk.  To remember him she picks daisies each day and takes them to his graveside. 

Daisy Cutter is a simple tale beautifully told and I would be giving too much away if I tell you any more of the plot than that.  Believe me, though, this animated short will stay with you for some time. It was written and directed by Enrique Garcia and Ruben Salazar.

Please note: some of you may find the imagery in this short upsetting. However, you may want to stick with the credits on this animation too.  It tells us the other meaning of daisy cutter and as such makes this animated short even more poignant.