29 November 2012

Introducing 2wenty4se7en

In my other life (or perhaps I should say the real world?) I teach Information Technology and English at a South East London college. This year I have a particularly web savvy cohort of young students aged between 16 and 19 who are just beginning to make their first real impression of that monster we call the interweb.

Part of their college diploma demands that they set up individual blogs, which they have done. Now they have (under their own steam but with moral support from yours truly) decided to pool their talents to launch a professional blog. Although it is still nascent, more features have yet to appear on the site and they need to further tweak the HTML, 2wenty4se7en is looking good for a newborn. I know, I would say that but go check it out for yourself!

The primary aim is to attract advertisers to the site so that they can generate some income with which to go on trips (the college does not have huge funds available for this and besides, they want to fund any excursions themselves). They have set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account to go with the site too.

Please take time out to visit the site if you can – and don’t be afraid to offer any tips and advice you may have to my students. All positive guidance is very welcome! Oh - and if you are a potential advertiser, please get in touch!