16 May 2012

Shine a Light for Nature

This is something else! You may have heard of light painting, which we have featured before on Kuriositas.  Up to this point most of the examples of the form I have seen are static, so to speak, with the aim of capturing an image, through light, in a single shot.  This rewrites the rules. Instead, what we get here in animated light painting (in a form known as light writing - for now) which through a stop motion technique enables us to see the drawings actually move and really inhabit their temporary environment.

This video was created by LICHTFAKTOR, a collective of young artists based in Cologne, Germany where this was created.  As performers and professionals they are constantly pioneering new territories of expression – and I think this counts! Unsurprisingly this won the the German Web Video Award 2012 in the Jury and Audience Price category AAA (Academy Approved Art). Enjoy and possibly, like me, scratch your head and wonder just how they actually did this! You can also see their previous work, Star Wars Vs Star Trek on Kuriositas.