26 May 2012

Doctor Who Star Matt Smith Carries Olympic Torch

Early risers in the Welsh capital Cardiff were today able to watch Doctor Who star Matt Smith carry the Olympic torch. It is the eighth day of the torch’s travels around the United Kingdom and the early morning leg of the relay in Cardiff saw the Doctor take time off from saving the universe (again) to help ensure that the torch got to its next destination.

In fact Cardiff is where the famous TV show is filmed and it was Smith, a well known sports addict, who reflected his complete engagement with the event with a huge ear to ear grin, rather than the good Doctor. The Time Lord would probably have been inclined to use the Tardis to get to the next destination of Merthyr Tydfil rather than wear a tracksuit.

Despite Smith looking elegant in his sportswear, we firmly believe the Doctor would not be seen in anything like it, despite his occasionally dubious fashion statements over the years!

Smith’s early morning appearance helped to prompt hundreds of people to turn out on the streets of Cardiff at an hour when they might usually be tucked up in bed.

If you are a fan of the TV show then you may just be thinking that this is a case of life imitating art.  After all, the tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant, left) also got to carry the Olympic torch at the end of the episode Fear Her back in 2006.

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