31 May 2012

Giveaway Time! Cool Neatoshop Tentacle Doorstop Could Be Yours!

Neatorama has been one of my favorite blogs since I was knee high to a bloghopper and I have spent many happy an hour browsing the Neatoshop where there is all manner of wonderful and wacky must have objects. I would say that it’s a great place for finding gifts for others and I would not be wrong, but I tend to end up buying for myself more than anyone else!

However, this time I have something to offer you! Simply visit our Facebook page and find the tentacle doorstop. Make a comment that says yes please underneath it and I will enter you in to a draw to win this great prize! The winner will be announced o 10 June – and you have till Saturday 9 June to enter.

If you just can’t wait that long, then you can always get one from the Neatoshop. Father’s Day is coming up so you can always use that as an excuse to peruse but there are plenty of ideas for friends and (other members of the family too). My current favorite has to be slicey the pig – see the picture above. Click here to visit the Neatoshop – or the picture!