18 May 2012

Princess of the Magical Tears

You have probably had something akin to this yourself- friends and acquaintances discover that you are able to do something (well!) and then with no further ado they take full advantage of your good nature. Before you know it they have told their friends and family and before long you seem to be the all round skivvy for a host of people.

In our world the skills involved might be the ability to repair broken PCs, fix leaks – and so on! In various Disney type kingdoms the skills may be a little more, well, diverse. So, when a princess discovers that she has magical tears she had better be careful that the wrong people don’t see this particular skill at work! This very funny animated short was made by students at CalArts this year – and it could be described as post post ironic – and is perhaps a taste of what we can expect in movie theaters in a few years!