Danger of Death!

31 May 2012

I am all for art in public places – anything that brightens a place up will get my thumbs up. So I was pleased to notice this piece of art on a squat looking building a kilometer or so from home (which is Honor Oak in South East London).

It wasn’t until I got closer that I realized that it was an electricity sub-station and that on each wall the art had been created around a sign that warns people of imminent danger of death should they try to get inside this sturdily built brick structure.

I particularly liked the way the artist had made the air vents in to bee hives and drawn attention to the danger within by the positioning of the spider. The other two walls I was a little less convinced by, however! Although the power company may well be boasting its green credentials (which I doubt, but let’s give them the benefit of it) the illustrations, to me, are more come hither than keep away!

Do you know of any other artistic electricity sub-stations? Let us know (with pictures if possible!) - email in the links tab above!

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