26 May 2012

Dream Cleaners

Dream Cleaners has already been shown at a number of festivals to great acclaim and once you watch it you will be left in no reason why.  The creative team at SunnyBoy has really come up with something quite special here.

The action centers around a pair of dream cleaners, Artie and Rex (played by Larrs Jackson and Dave Shalansky). It is their job to go around ensuring that dreams do not escape in to the wider world but (you guessed it) one of them is something of a novice and things inevitably go wrong.

SunnyBoy is a Los Angeles based creative agency specializing in original content, marketing, and motion design. The foundation of their work is, as you can see, a combination of unique storytelling and stunning visuals. I could easily envision this being made in to a TV show or, indeed, a full length movie (am I wrong in saying there were a few Ghostbusters elements in there?). Either way, SunnyBoy is certainly a name to remember!