31 March 2012

Plasticine. Love. Moscow.

If you haven’t done this sort of thing – or felt like doing this – then consider yourself lucky! This is the story of the past, present and future of Mr Plasticine. Poor thing, he has broken up with Ms Plasticine and now spends his days moping around on Facebook looking at pictures of the two of them when they were together.  To make matters worse he then goes and visits the places where they had fun together around their home city of Moscow.

This is a deceptively simple looking piece of stop motion animation by Teeter-totter-tam Animation.  The outdoor shots of Moscow must have been incredibly difficult to do, both because of the people passing by and, of course, that which waits for no one, the time.  Teeter-totter-tam is a creative union, founded by Constantine Konovalov and Irina Neustroeva in Moscow, Russia. They make stop-motion animation and videoart for authors and various commercial projects.Of course, they have a Facebook page too!