13 March 2012

Kuriositas is Two!

It doesn’t seem that long on one hand, but on the other it seems much, much longer! I Two years ago today I first, hesitatingly, pressed the publish button and Kuriositas was born. It was a gamble for me in more ways than one – previously having published online content through a third party it was my first real venture in to running my own site. I was nervous to say the least.

Two years later and Kuriositas is still going (wonders will never cease!).  Personally, I have had a great time – the freedom to write about whatever takes my fancy (in fact a friend suggested I should have called the site sh*t that I like) – has been a truly liberating experience. I look forward to carrying the site onwards and upwards!

Hyperbole aside, thanks must go to everyone who has helped me out over the last two years, particularly the websites such as Neatorama and The Presurfer (among many others) who really did and continue to give Kuriositas a leg up in to the blogosphere

I should also say a big thank you to the various sites that have liberally ripped Kuriositas off.  Although it is annoying to see one’s work hijacked it does show (being pragmatic) that I must have been doing something right!

Finally, thanks to you, too – the readers – without whom Kuriositas would never have thrived! Please keep coming back for more of our curiosities!  As they say in Britain – cheers!

All the best

Image Credit Flickr User Duncan