2 March 2012

The Big Egg Hunt in Pictures

Over the season of Lent, it is traditional in many Christian communities to give something up.  Many people these days go for chocolate. For those who have foresworn this treat then London must seem like a warren of temptation at the moment.  The Big Egg Hunt – a huge charity (and hopefully world record breaking) event has begun!

Fortunately, perhaps, these eggs are not made of chocolate yet their raison d’être is just as sweet. They have been hidden (in plain sight) around London to raise awareness and money for two charities, Elephant Family and Action for Children. They hope, with their chief collaborator Fabergé to collect hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations over the one month period the eggs will be on display.

This is no old fashioned egg hunt, however.  Prospective egg hunters can down load maps from the Big Egg Hunt website.  Once they have located an egg they can text a keyword to the site and be entered for a prize – the Diamond Jubilee Egg which is worth over £100,000. With an initial text price plus a small levy on each additional text people can have fun hunting down the eggs and raise money for two very good causes at the same time.

Plenty of famous names have created eggs for the event: among many others, the Chapman Brothers, Bruce Oldfield, Zandra Rhodes, Sir Ridley Scott as well as Kuriositas’ favorite Victoria Scott have designed and created their own unique egg.

Of course, some have tried to spoil the fun. Two of the eggs were stolen on their very first day of exhibition but were, thankfully, recovered within twenty four hours.

Of course, not everyone lives in London. Thanks to a group of wonderful Flickr photographers we can show you a selection of our favorite eggs. If one takes your fancy you can put in a bid for it at the auction being held at the Big Egg Hunt website.

Of course, what egg hunt, great or otherwise, would be complete without at least a mention of Humpty Dumpty?

Image Credit
First Image Flickr User Matt from London