3 March 2012

Dorothy - by Yunyu

What happens when fairy tales come and live in our modern universe and the two separate worlds collide? Which will be proven to be the fake? This is the question posed by singer Yunyu as her latest video shows Dorothy (yes, THE Dorothy) seemingly lost in space, a cosmonaut floating through the eternal abyss. Yet all is not, perhaps, quite as it seems.

If you haven’t heard of Yunyu, she is an Australian musician originally from Singapore. Her website describes her music as “an extract of Kate Bush, Isaac Asimov and Edgar Allan Poe — if they plonked their DNA in the Hadron Collider and it all got mashed up on a sub-atomic level” you would get Yunyu. How could we disagree? This video is a collaborative work with Yunyu, manga artist Queenie Chan and animation collective theCommonist.