21 January 2012

Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut

There are times when even the words labor of love do not give justice to something. So it is with Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut.  Put simply it is Star Wars Episode IV in hundreds of fifteen second segments, each created by a fan or group of fans. They could re-film their claimed segment in any way that they wished – and so was unleashed a veritable death star of creativity. The various clips were available to watch on the Star Wars Uncut website.

Now, the director, Casey Pugh, has hand-picked his favorites and put them together in the first feature length movie of its kind – a complete reproduction of an original film for fans and by fans.  I simply cannot imagine the amount of hours that must have been put in to this project and fortunately Casey had help at hand in the shape of video editor Aaron Valdez and sound designer and mixed Bryan Pugh.  The result is something of an internet phenomenon – and just goes to show what might not be created in the future should certain laws come to pass.

Order a pizza, gather round you everything you will need for two hours of empirical wallowing and enjoy this in all its hand-made glory!