28 January 2012

The Cursor's Curse

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an animator has the power of life, death or anything over his creations. So toons must often keep their fingers (paws, claws, et cetera) crossed and hope that the person who breathed (or sometimes clicked) life in to them is not a wicked sort – a little like Jafar the genie with a keyboard. Unfortunately, in this industry, so many animators go a little, well, mad (not to put too fine a point on it) that often their characters find themselves in a far from nurturing atmosphere. Sometimes giving an animator a computer is like giving a teenage Marilyn Manson fan a gun and asking him to polish it.

So, this poor chap doesn’t stand a chance under the gentle care of his maker, Richard Gillies, who created this animation while at the Vancouver Film School. I am sure his tutors remonstrated with him about cruelty to toons, but he obviously didn’t listen...! Now he has graduated - world (and toons particularly!) beware!