15 January 2012


Here’s a great example of art for art’s sake. This was created by Colin Rozee, who creates motion graphics for TV, theater, live events and is based in Bristol in the UK. He works almost exclusively in After Effects but here combines it with Optical Flares with Plexus (plus there’s a dash of Toonlt in the mix).  He created it simply because he enjoys working in Plexus. You would have to hate him if this wasn’t so brilliant!

There is no plot other than that which you may wish to imagine. What we do get, however, is just over two minutes of enigmatic coolness not to mention cleverness (which I am reliably told is the new sexy).  Sit back, full screen this – and enjoy!

..and before you ask, the ballerina is called Amber and the music is Sospiro by Bardo State.