6 January 2012

The Discovery of Fire - Tadufeu

If you have ever wondered the circumstances in which fire was first discovered, then you need look no further (unless you want the truth, of course).

However, Tadufeu, a very funny animated short from a group of students at the ESMA School of Arts in France gives you one possibility at least.

A group of Cromags accidentally discover fire and, of course, are not willing to let their little secret fall in to the wrong hands. So, when a cold Neandert wanders their way they fob him off with various useless items. Then, one day, it rains.

This is certainly not quite what the history books will tell you but it is nonetheless great fun if you don’t mind a little violence!). Plus if you would like to find out more about this animated short then why not pop over to the Tadufeu website (in French).