2 April 2015

Thunderbird 4 Takes to the Thames

There have been a few strange things going on in London over the last few days which might make the more nervous denizens of the English capital dial the number for International Rescue.  For a start, the still raging below ground fire in Holborn which saw smoke billowing from the sidewalks and tens of thousands of people evacuated. Little wonder, then, that at least one of the Thunderbirds made an appearance.

Thunderbird 4, the Tracey Island team’s main vehicle for underwater rescue, was seen on the River Thames in the heart of London.  Perhaps it was waiting to plunge underwater to rescue the survivors of the underground inflagration? They could have been making their way down the murky tunnels which covered the old Fleet River in the nineteenth century but which still make an exit on the riverside…

Or perhaps not.  It transpires that this particular Thunderbird 4 was a replica, although a 15 feet long one with every detail lovingly recreated.  It was travelling down the river to celebrate the launch (finally!) of the new Thunderbirds Are Go series which starts in the UK on Saturday 4 April.

The eagerly awaited series, produced by ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures heralds the return of the Tracey family and International Rescue to our TV screens.  It has been some time when you consider that the last new episode of the original series was first screen on Christmas Day, 1966.  So, after almost fifty years between the last new episode and this new series you could say that expectations are high.

The new case is certainly outstanding. It includes Rosamund Pike, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Rasmus Hardiker, David Menkin, Kayvan Novak, Angel Coulby and David Graham reprising his role as Aloysius 'Nosey' Parker.  The news series has been made using live-action model sets like the old series but with added CGI.  We have only a few days to discover whether the new series lives up to its promise.  I for one will most certainly be sitting in from of the TV at 5pm on Saturday 4 April.

All photos courtesy of Taylor Herring