4 April 2015

Kids’ Characters in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: A Wesley Crusher-Free Quiz

This is a purely rhetorical question but why is it that it is that the younger characters in science fiction and fantasy shows are often the most reviled? In the case of Wesley Crusher of Star Trek: The Next Generation the jury is most definitely not out even though his character has received some reappraisal over the years by (kinder) fans.  As for Adric in Doctor Who… perhaps we shouldn’t venture in to that particular territory.

Yet often the role of the child is pivotal to the show or movie and as such the chance of success can rest on very young shoulders. Here are forty (yes, forty – we were bored) kids’ characters from a variety of shows and films.  Can you guess where their characters made an appearance?  Some of the answers are much harder than the others so be warned. You might have to be more than a casual genre fan to get some of these correct.

If the answer you choose goes GREEN, then you got it right.  If it goes RED then you got it wrong.  You will also see how many others chose the different answers (in terms of a percentage) so you can see just how easy or hard everyone else is finding each question of the quiz.  Please share once you have finished (hopefully you will have enjoyed the experience!).

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