12 April 2015

Super Mario Busker Plays 8bit Medley

This is Super Mario playing 8bit music during the intermission of Video Games Live International festival of video game music held recently at the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland.  If you have played Super Mario then you will recognize the tunes featured in this very cleverly put together medley.  No doubt past triumphs will flash through your mind!  The full playlist is below.  The video was created by Emlyn Lewis.

00:00 Super Mario World OverWorld Map
00:06 Super Mario World Yoshies Island Map
00:16 Super Mario Bros. 3 Map 4 Big Island Theme
00:28 Super Mario World Forrest of Illusions map
00:42 Super Mario World "Thank you" Ending Theme
01:06 Mad World 8bit
01:56 Super Mario Land 2 Turtle Map & Mario Toy Zone Map
02:14 Super Mario Bros. Underworld & Star man theme
02:32 Luigi's Mansion Level Clear Theme
03:00 Super Mario World Swimming & Player Down Theme
04:00 Chop sticks 8bit
04:30 Sonic Drowning
04:40 Amilie Theme 8bit
05:15 Super Mario Bros. Ending Theme