5 April 2015

Game of Brands: The Game of Thrones Houses as Modern Corporations

We have seen just a few years of the world of Westeros but, like all things, history moves on and the Game of Thrones may well become a Game of Brands.

Inevitably, the great houses of Westeros will have to move with the times as the world becomes a modern and more sophisticated (ie less bloody) place.  I am convinced that the folks at Shutterstock have had huge fun imagining the impending evolutions of the various houses.  Of course, it’s fairly obvious what the Targaryens would do – take to the skies. 

However, what becomes of the other houses? You can see the corporate future for the Lannisters, Baratheons and Starks (and all the others – I laughed myself silly when I saw what the Freys are going to get up to!) here.

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