29 April 2015

Angry Birds Go! – Local Multiplayer Mode Deployed!

Someone has their tongue firmly in their cheek here.  Yet working out quite how far will be entirely up to you.  Angry Birds Go! (you know, that game that has been downloaded over 130 million times – you may have heard of it) now comes in one-on-one multiplayer mode.  You  might be forgiven for thinking that has already happened, such is the popularity of these annoyed avians but this is something quite new.

If you haven’t heard of Angry Birds Go! then you might be in the minority,  Every Mario kart title combined only comes to 106 million downloads.  Angry Birds Go! has seen one or two (ahem!) more copies shifted than that!

 As you can see from the video, the one-on-one, local multiplayer feature is evolving to allow group play.  It might not necessarily mean that you have to all get together in a restaurant to do that – although that would be an option – but we suspect that the video is as much a metaphor for how you might play as anything else!  As such it can be anywhere with WiFi.

You’ll need the WiFi because the downhill racing game now features a party mode.  This means that two players can compete on different devices but in the same game in real time.  There may be a certain nostalgia involved – if you were in to console games when you were a kid you will remember the thrill of playing with a group of friends.  Now Angry Birds Go! has created the same kind of feeling with the new party mode.

Angry birds get social? It may sound like something of an oxymoron but the word is already spreading.  It won’t be long before the one-on-one player mode will evolve in to multiple party play.  In other words two will become three, four or even more.  So, there really won’t be a reason to play alone anymore – grab a friend and get things going!

Altogether this is a pretty cool update from Rovio.  Try it here.