22 December 2014

The Incredible Hulk Hands

If you like your comedy in the ilk of Airplane! or The Naked Gun then it’s highly probable that you are going to love this 4:26 slice of delight.  Written and directed by Ali Fararooy (who I suspect spent his younger years watching movies like those I mentioned above) this may not be a Christmas movie but it certainly raised my spirits.  The story may also be one that is a little trope-tastic but it does not suffer from any of the associated fatigue you might imagine: rather it feeds off them. 

A nerd, on his early morning run, finds himself in the usual kind of trouble, the sort that always happens when his kind dares to venture on a football field – he attracts the attention a group of jocks looking for a little pre-prandial entertainment.  Once his pain is done he quickly finds the means with which to exact his revenge (the clue is in the title so this is hardly a spoiler).  Cue vengeance and retaliation (or should that be the other way around?).

The use of music in this comedy short is inspired as are the blink and you miss them physical puns and, of course, the VFX.  So, yes. You might say I like this.

A big nod to the cast too – The Jasons and Momma Outta Bullets combining their talents to great effect