13 December 2014

12 Dogs on 12 walls in 12 cities in 12 days

As Christmas approached the rush to be ready and get all the presents sometimes precludes a little thought.  Charities like Dogs Trust in the UK are faced with the annual prospect of rescuing hundreds of homeless or abandoned dogs whose prospective owners simply did not take time out to think through the responsibilities involved with creating a forever home for a canine addition to their household. So, how to try and get people to think things through a little more?

This is certainly one way.  The pair of (self-described) gonzo artists more than willing to take a punt at pretty much anything who go under the collective name of id-iom has recently been on a road trip of the UK.  While in each of the dozen cities they visited they painted a dog on a wall for Dogs Trust.  As a memento paw-i (probably too bad a pun to have included here, but it’s almost Christmas) they included the real reasons Dogs Trust was given when those reluctant to see through their commitment delivered a dog to the charity’s doorstep.

Dogs Trust is, of course, on of a number of charities which takes dogs off the hand of their once keen owners.  The real number of dogs bought as gifts at Christmas and then abandoned probably runs in to the thousands. So, here is each of the 12 dogs on 12 walls in 12 cities in 12 days.  Let’s hope that by helping to get the word out that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, that id-iom and Dogs Trust have helped persuade at least a few people that a cuddly toy dog is probably a better idea than the real thing!  After all, as these 12 dogs would tell you if they could, there may be 12 days of Christmas but a dog lasts a lot longer than that.