2 December 2014

Little Tombstone

Once upon a time in the west two grizzled gunslingers face each other for their final showdown.  The townspeople run for cover as the good (looking suspiciously like a certain Mr Eastwood) and the bad (who looks very, very bad!) prepare to draw their guns.  All the townspeople, that is, apart from the local undertaker – who takes a professional interest in what is going on.

This is a very cool take on an old genre, with its tongue firmly in its cheek but great respect for the spaghetti westerns of the 1960s and 70s.  It was created by a group of ESMA (Toulouse campus) students.  Directed by Directed by Frédéric Azais, Théo Di Malta, Benjamin Leymonerie and Adrien Quillet, with a great soundtrack composed by Alexandre Scuri. Find out more about how this very cool animated short was made on the Little Tombstone website.

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