26 April 2022

4 movies with mythological creatures you can't miss

Since the days of heroes battling dragons, we have had a fascination with mythological creatures and the powers they possess. From the all-time classic “Hocus Pocus” to the popular “Fantastic Beasts” series of films, we are seeing more and more of these animals appear on our screens. Just about anyone can enjoy these films. It really doesn’t matter what age you are or where in the world you live. Below we will tell you about a few of our favorite fantasy films:

The seventh seal (1957)

Set in medieval times this powerful film centers around a game of chess between a knight and Death. The knight returns home from the crusades only to find his country ravaged by plague. As long as he keeps playing, the knight believes that he will stay alive, but Death has other plans as “no one escapes me”.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

This very funny film by Monty Python also focuses on medieval knights and this time is a direct interpretation of the story of King Arthur. Instead of focusing on his court at Camelot, the plot sends the knights off in search of the Holy Grail. It has a playful approach to the story which includes a three-headed knight and a cave monster.

Lord of the Rings (2002)

This is a trilogy of fantasy films that includes a whole range of mythological creatures. Dwarves, elves, hobbits, orcs and trolls all join in the search for a lost golden ring and the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Lord of the Rings also managed to change the course of Special effects in the movie industry. They managed to make mythological creatures look practically real and made them popular around the world. They became so popular you can find them as a theme for books, table games, online games and slots like in the Trolls bridge slot

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

Brought into a labyrinth by a fairy, Ofelia is told she is a princess by a faun. However, to prove her royalty, she must complete three gruesome tasks. Her quest brings her into contact with a creature known as the Pale Man. Whilst having some human traits he is by far the most monstrous creature of the whole film.

The Director of Pan's Labyrinth (Guillermo del Toro) has directed another great film with a fantastic creature called “The Shape of Water”. This film is a fantasy love story set in the real world. It has similarities with the film “Splash” in which you see a mermaid getting involved in the life of a young businessman from New York. In both films, you really believe that a relationship with a mythological creature is possible.

More awesome movies

If the idea of romance mixed with myth isn't your thing, perhaps you would enjoy more of a thriller. “The Mummy” is an action-packed blockbuster that includes mummies rising from their tombs cursed by pharaohs.

Of course, you may want something a little spookier, and you can satisfy your appetite with the thousands of films that include vampires, ghosts and werewolves. Our favorites are “Bram Stoker's Dracula” and “American Werewolf in London” but there are plenty of others to choose from.

Image Credit Wikimedia