11 April 2022


Escalade is a very funny animated short which says something quite profound about human nature at the same time.  Natural competition is one thing, as is the survival of the fittest, but when it is taken to extreme it can have consequences which were not foreseen but should have been.   You could say that this animation is a visual metaphor – and you could interpret it as being about two neighbors or if you want to be a little deeper then it could be an arms race, or even a warning about the danger of ignoring issues of sustainability.

Escalade was created by Birdo Studio who are based in Brazil (not that it matters where people are based in the internet age!). It was formed in 2005 by the creative duo Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet. Their objective is to craft wonderful and visually exhilarating storytelling through digital animation, meaningful characters and a lot of fun.