1 April 2022

The Mirror - Le Miroir

Do you ever look in the mirror in the morning and wonder where all the years went? If so then you can take heart – a little!  At least your life does not flash before your eyes in a few short minutes as it does in this remarkable film by Ramon and Pedro (aka Antoine Tinguely and Laurent Fauchère). The Mirror or Le Mirroir in its original French shows a young boy becoming a man and we get to witness the physical evidence of some of his rites of passage until, effectively, the lights go off.

Ramon and Pedro have been in existence as an artistic union since 2004, their alter egos for slightly longer. They were featured in Shots Magazine in the New Directors section, which led them to sign with Partizan Worldwide. Since then, R&P has directed commercials for clients such as Diesel, AOL, Panasonic, Citroën, Milky Way and many more.