1 April 2022

Painted Pie

You never quite know how you are going to impact on the lives of others, their hopes, their dreams or their desires.  In this beautifully crafted animated short inspired by the post-Impressionists (notably Vincent) an old lady painter and a young homeless boy are destined to meet and it will, perhaps, bring both a type of peace.  Accompanied by Little Person by Jon Brion I do have to admit that this made me well up a little, but then as anyone will tell you I’m a great big softy.

Created by four students, Havish Thota, Kudzai Gumbo, Mehdi Farrokhtala, Abdulrahman Alansari (I cannot quite tell at which institution they studied but from their names I might perhaps guess somewhere in Iran?), Painted Pie is two meals within itself: a breakfast for the eye and suppertime for the heart.