22 May 2015

What Happens Next?

It’s a crying shame that over 17,000 children under five years of age still die each day from causes that could be easily prevented.  Diseases like pneumonia and malaria still claims so many who have hardly started their lives.

World Vision, who created the video above in partnership with Don’t Panic are having a Global Week of Action.  The hope is that many millions of people will show their leaders that an end to preventable deaths though hunger and violence against children can and should be stopped within the next 15 years.

Over the past 20 years, there has been amazing progress in ending the avoidable deaths of children and reducing extreme poverty on our pale blue dot of a planet. Strides have been made but 17,000 a day is 17,000 too many.  When you do the math it becomes even more startling a number – that’s over six million children under the age of five every year.

You might think that zero poverty is a pie in the sky idea.  However, over the last two decades the number of children under five dying has halved.  If use our influence on those who lead us this number can go down further, to the magical zero figure. For more information you can go to World Vision’s website.  However, please share this video on your social media sites with the hashtag #Stopatnothing.