3 May 2015

The Outings Project: Museum Paintings Experience Life on the Streets

Outings is a world participative project, initiated by Julien de Casabianca, a French visual artist.  The idea is for people to liberate portraits from their homes in museums and other municipal building and place them on the walls of their towns and cities.

You can see these paintings, of course, if you make the special journey to where the hang in their frames.  Yet they are surrounded by tens, often  hundreds of other paintings.  By placing the paintings in random streets and alleyways, de Casabianca hopes that their beauty will be fully appreciated once more.

The project has taken off massively with people around the world taking portraits on outings.  If you wish to participate you can visit the website for instructions or for more pictures go to their Facebook page.  For now, however, take a look at some of the remarkable art which people around the world have set free.

Riga, Latvia

New York, USA

Gdansk, Poland

Dallas, Texas USA

Asunción, Paraguay

Los Angeles, California, USA

Dijon, France

Chicago, Illinois USA

Barcelona, Spain

Warsaw, Poland

New Orleans, Louisiana USA