5 February 2013

Help the Airfood Project

Each year the European Food Aid helps out millions of people who would otherwise not get access to food which helps with their basic nutritional needs.  Yet this emergency aid scheme is currently under threat.  For an organisation which has helped out 18 million Europeans over a 25 year period you can easily see that its abolition would be detrimental to the health of a huge number of people.

To help protest against this threat, the Airfood Project has been set up and it is really easy to get involved and join in.  You can film yourself performing an airfood session (if you have ever played air guitar this will come naturally!) and share the video.  You can also go to the Airfood Project site and sign the petition there – and please get your friends to sign it too.

Every year European Food Aid helps out so many people and now in a time of deep economic recession the decision has made to close it.  Your local political decision makers will know about this, so you could email them… you could even tweet your head of state (which will only take seconds) to ask them to reconsider this decision.

You may be surprised that in this day and age so many Europeans need food aid but for many it is essential for their survival.  If this decision is not reversed then airfood may become a reality to a great number of Europeans.

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