8 February 2013

Doomed: A Biological Cartoon

I must confess I have often watched the likes of David Attenborough and other natural world presenters on the TV and hardly given a thought for the amount of time and effort that has gone in to their work.  The time and energy spent in sometimes capturing just a few moments of  film is often immense.

Spare a thought, then, for the makers of this, ahem, documentary.  El Señor Studio has created what we didn’t know that we had been waiting for all this time.  Here are the failures of natural selection. We have the cube fish which by its very shape seems destined for a dinner plate and then we have the poor old inverted hedgehog (pictured).  This sad little species has its spines on the inside and has to be very careful not to sneeze.  Altogether this animated short, written and directed by Guillermo Garcia Carsi, shows introduces to a host of species which are, as the title indicates, doomed.