22 September 2012

Touchy the Human Camera

This will do nothing to convince you otherwise if you are currently of the opinion that quite a few Japanese are, to put it bluntly, a little barmy. Artist Eric Siu has always been a little jealous of the life of a camera so he decided to make himself in to a human version. Touchy was born – and for him to work you need to do just that – touch him!

Grab the bulb and touch Touchy and his shutters will open and he will be able to see. Touch Touchy for 10 seconds, he will take a photo. This is a short documentary of Touchy's debut street performance in Akihabara - the famous electric town in Japan. Touchy has played with the friendly crowd and took a lot of photos capturing the touchy moments. We are promised that he will visit more places and interact with more people in the near future… only in Japan, eh! It reminds me of something my grandmother used to say on a regular basis when she saw anything that mildly perplexed her - no wonder kids are daft.