16 September 2012


You have to watch this one right to the end to get it - and then it asks more questions than it answers.  This is the circle of life, macro style.  A host of small insects chomp, devour, masticate, crunch, chomp and champ their way through life. The aim of each is to live just a while longer, to prolong their genetic code to the next generation. As they gulp and gobble there is a larger presence but you have to be patient.

The name of this animated short refers to the covenant love of God for humans, as well as the human reciprocal love for God. Yet is this love symbiotic, parasitic or simply lethal?  You get to answer the question yourself.  This animated short by Alexandre Iliach with (rather hypnotic) music by Marnie Lee MacLeod has certainly, if you forgive the pun, given me food for thought. It does go to show, too, that animation does not need to always be simplistic in its message. I wonder what Nietzsche would make of this.