23 September 2012

NASA Astronauts as Jedi Knights

We had always suspected it and now this newly released photograph from NASA reveals that even back in 1964 there was a connection between US astronauts and the order of warrior monks who serve as the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Wishful thinking aside this picture features astronauts (left to right) Frank Borman, Neil Armstrong, John Young and Deke Slayton during their desert survival training.

This isn’t Tatooine, after all but the desert outside or Reno in Nevada.  The robes are made from parachutes, the silk of which would keep the astronauts cool in the day and warm in the evening.

So, they may not be about to confront the emperor and liberate the galaxy but for me these guys are just as good as a Jedi any day of the week.

Image Credit Flickr User NASA on the Commons