29 September 2012


This is a collaboration between FIRMA, one of the one of the leading commercial design teams in Russia and Dmitry Malikov, the Russian composer, and singer whose recent successes include Pianomania, a mixture of Russian classical music and ethnic culture in a modern adaptation including instrumental music, dance shows and colorful performances. This combines his piano works with contemporary dance.

You also get to see Malikov riding by on a bike here (with it has to be said a rather quizzical look on his face) as a team of dancers interpret his music. Your own interpretation is, of course, up to you. I love the movements of the dancers here – the juxtaposition between the men and the women. It could represent how the world might turn if there were only women or, naturally the flip side – only men.  Or perhaps not – see for yourself and decide! Either way, it's very, very cool.