16 September 2012


If I was to ask you what bears do in woods I am fairly sure that the answer you are most likely to respond with is not something I can repeat here. However, this is a twist on that particular old tale. This old bear is looking forward to his retirement in the woods. He finds a lovely cabin and begins to settle in. Perhaps he has too much time on his paws, perhaps he has some sort of ursine compulsion but when a leaf strays in to his immaculate garden it starts an urge which he cannot overcome until it is taken to its unnatural conclusion.

Perhaps Thoreau should have expanded his statement that all men lead lives of quiet desperation to include the male of most species - or at least this poor old bespectacled bear. Who can say but one thing is for sure. This is a marvellous and gently funny piece of work, created by Helen Dallat in 2011 (from a story by Daisy Gould) as her graduation film from University of Wales, Newport.